Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Speak for the Books!

This year as a part of our Seuss celebration we challenged our first graders to read and take reading counts test. I set a short term class goal for the kids and it worked better than I imagined!

We set a class goal of 120 Reading Counts points in one week. For every book they read, the students got to put a "truffulla tree" in our hallway forest. The color of the tree varied based on the point value of the book. They put their name and title of the book on the trunk. Students then added the points to the classes count with tally marks. The class tally marks was great math practice. Each day we subtracted the points earned from our class goal to see how many points we had left to earn. We even divided to see how many points each child needed to earn.

The absolute best part was watching the students cheer on their classmates as they worked together to reach the goal. When the kids reached their goal the cheers I heard and smiles on their faces was amazing. I was so proud of them we had a pizza party to celebrate!!!

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