Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Monday and Word Work Fun

Today was a Magnificent Monday! I have had a Senior intern this semester. It has been an experience, but I really missed teaching. This week I began to start taking back over. The kids and I both enjoyed it.

I am die hard "Daily Fiver" with and added twist. I combine the Daily 5 with STEM to make it the Super 6! (I will expound on this in a later post.) Today my kids loved "Word Work". Mondays are always spelling practice. In the past we have had the kiddos write the words in pencil, pen, marker and crayon. To mix it up a little, we mixed up the letters for all of the words. We gave them a word bank and then had them unscramble the words. After unscrambling the words, they did the writing practice.

Click on the image above or here to download the Word template for this. Just insert your spelling lists.


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