Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We have ducklings!

Check out the web cam in the Monday's post to see our little ducklings!  We were very worried when they hadn't hatched this morning (they started external peeping yesterday).  I had to help a little bit.  The humidity was not high enough and the membrane was a little too dry.  I had to peel back the shell a little to get them started.  We have 6 baby ducklings!  Two are all dry and fluffy.  Two are drying off in the incubator tonight.  Two more are newly hatched and still a little weak (praying for them now).  We have 3 that haven't started yet, so we will see.  Check back tomorrow for great pictures!!!!

Today I read Eric Carle's "Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too?" and did the baby animal names printable from my Celebrate Moms Freebie offered on Monday.  It went great, I did notice a mistake, I fixed it and am uploading the correction.

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