Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Knock, Knock! Who's There?

I love my Super Six (Daily 5 + STEM) and so do my students!  Buddy Reading is a tough area to keep students engaged sometimes.  They get tired of the same old thing.  Today we had an Ah Ha!  My students found a Knock Knock and Riddles book in my class library.  The two girls who found it in the "Read to Self" area were looking through it and came up with the great idea!  I can not wait to see the students read this book to each other in buddy reading tomorrow!  They will have so much fun, they will never realize they are becoming better readers at the same time!  I love tricking students into learning!

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  1. Great idea! My kids now have some animal informational books in the read to someone basket-and they are loving it! I'll have to see if I have some riddle books! They would just love that! (and that just reminded me to put poetry over there too..... it's only a month late... oops!)

    Rulin' the Roost


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