Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Class is Published!

My class is published authors and illustrators! After reading "Mortimer's Book of What Ifs" and meeting the author Mandi Tillotson Williams, our class decided we could write a book too! We opened our imagination and became authors and illustrators! We invite you to download and enjoy our book. Let us know what you think!

(It is an ePub file and will need to be read on a device capable of reading an eBook. (iPad, iPod Touch, Nook, or other eReader. Your computer may not open it.) You can also download it or view it at epubbud.com

Using a graphic organizer the students mapped out their short stories, then they wrote a draft and practice illustration. They edited their writing with their fellow students. Students then typed their stories in Pages and finished their final illustrations. Mrs. Phillips combined their short stories into one Pages file, scanned and inserted their illustrations. Finally saving and uploading their book as an ePub. We used the free site www.epubbud.com to upload it and share it for free. The students love being published authors! Hopefully next years I can get my hands on iPads for a while use them to help create iBooks and computer graphics.

7 Days to go until summer break! Still so much to do!

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