Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Planning and Daily Buzz Freebie

I am sad to say June is coming to an end. I have to laugh when I read about teachers having 3 months off every summer, please... I am down to 8 weeks off. Really it is 8 weeks we are working and not paid. Working without the normal resources and I can't even get into my classroom. It makes it very heard to work for free! I love what I do and that is the reason I do it!

This past year I used "The Daily Buzz" for my students to summarize and/or write about what we are working on in class. It worked great! It was so versatile, I could use it with so many things. In the house we did word families or fact families. We worked through our daily math problem in the thought boucle. "Today's Question" was used for the students to answer a multitude of daily questions. We would work on it all day. During morning work the students would complete the first section of the page. To open or close math we would work through our daily math problem together. The house was done at various times during the day. At the end of the day, students summarized what they learned. I used the back of the page for various things as well. It was awesome because I could copy "a ton" of them and was always ready to go. Click on the image and download it if you like!

I was meeting with my wonderful first grade team yesterday working on our curriculum map. It is very hard moving to the Common Core Standards, but still being tied to the old curriculum that does not align with the new standards. Being told to teach to the standards, but to give assessments from the series that don't align. Our county doesn't do county wide plans like I have found online for many counties. What are you doing at your schools with this???


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