Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look What I Spotted at the Dollar Spot!

I was on one of my frequent trips to Target and spotted new items being added to the Dollar Spot! They were just starting to add new things so I didn't see it all, but what I did see I loved!!!! Check out all of the Dr. Seuss things. (I wish they had these things in Feb./ March.) They had a great Lorax line of items. I also love the little bags. They would make great "book bags." They had a "Red Fish, Go Fish" numbers card game.
I loved, loved, loved these little buckets! I was upset I missed the 4th of July buckets when they hit clearance, but these are so much better!
They also had new dry erase boards, The boards are set up "portrait" instead of "landscape". Fabulous for First Grade! I so wish they sold these items on line.

What did you spot and love in your Target Dollar Spot?

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