Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Great Lesson in Self Control!

Today I had a fabulous lesson with my class on impulse control! I wish I could say I thought of it, but Pinterest did (oh I love that site!!). I had a great "I Pick" lesson on choosing books, but after the day we were having, we needed to learn about self control!

I started out with me blowing bubbles in class. All of the kids stood up and went crazy popping the bubbles. The we stopped and talked about how much fun it was and everyone wanted to do it. Then I related it to how everyone wants to talk out, get up, make random noises.... and we need to control those things so we can all learn. I then challenged them to stay seated, but they could still pop the bubbles. It was like a game, 4 or 5 kids "got out" because they couldn't stay on their bottoms. We talked about it and played the game once again, this time everyone managed to do it! Then we upped the challenge and had the kids just watch the bubbles and see if one landed on their hand. Once again every one passed with flying colors. For our last demonstration, I challenged the kids to sit and focus on "Pete the Cat" while the bubbles just fell to the ground around them. Once again we all managed to control our impulses! We discussed how the bubbles were a distraction, but we could still focus. This was an amazing lesson I am sure I will refer back to over and over this year.


  1. Fun idea! We need to work on our self control too, but also on ignoring one member of our class who can be very distracting.

  2. Does the theme has to do with your education sphere or maybe is it more about your hobbies and ways to spend your spare time?


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