Monday, September 17, 2012

Classroom DIY, Addition FREEBIE, and new product!

Yay! I was featured Sunday on Classroom DIY!!! This is a great site to add to your daily reading list. There are some amazing and "why didn't I think of that?" ideas you can make for your classroom.

Classroom DIY

I just finished a fun addition challenge for students to encourage and help them become fluent in their math facts. It is "Additions Math Masters"! Students will earn their belts as the conquer their math facts. There is a sample preview at my TpT store if you want to try it out. My students are working so hard to earn their belts. At the end of the challenge I am giving them bracelets with colored beads for all of the levels they earned.

It is Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies! Here is a quick little FREEBIE, just add dice and you have a great center activity. The kids roll the two dice, draw the dots on their dice, write the numbers and add. Great practice and fun too. You can use it again and again! Click HERE to download it for free!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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  1. Thanks for the freebie & I love your blog. I'm your newest follower - stop by & visit sometime :)

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