Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Report Home Projects

I like to send a home project or book report home each month.  As a teacher and parent, I want it to be meaningful, able to be done by the student and not outrageously expensive.  I like them to be somewhat structured, but still allow for the students to express their creativity.  I also feel they should correlate with what we are learning and be fun, not just a dreaded project. 

I came up with an amazing project for October.  My "October Character Traits Book Report Packet" has everything you need and is ready to copy and send home.  It has a parent information sheet with detailed instructions, 2 graphic organizers and a grading rubric.  I offered it for free a few weeks ago, if you didn't get it click here and download it!

My students have had a great time with the project.  I have had a few projects come in and they are amazing.  The creativity of my kids never fails to amaze me.

I have had several people ask me about beginning book report/ home projects for other months.  I have put together three projects for the upcoming holiday months.  Along with the October Character Traits Book Report, I have included a November Non-Fiction "Fact Feathers" Book Project and for December a "Holiday Ornament" Book Summarizing Report.   I just posted Beginning Book Report Projects (Oct. Nov. Dec.) in my TpT store and put it on sale!  

 Do you send home book reports or at home projects?  If so what are your favorites?


  1. Your projects are heavily based in holidays. What do you do for students that don't celebrate holidays? Do you find this exlusionary to them?

    1. Hi Carrie, In each set I have a few options for the students who do not celebrate the holiday. I also have options for students with little support at home or who may not be financially able to do a big project. However, I also have options for students who do celebrate and have the support at home. We (myself and my team) have had great success with these projects, I tried hard to make them work for all of the students. They really get excited when they get a new one and love sharing their projects when they bring them in.


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