Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Now to November!

Halloween is over, although the candy won't be out of their system for a few days.  We had fun at school today.  I went dressed as Wenda, the sister of "Where's Waldo".  I loved my costume, but apparently my children don't really know about Waldo, they though I was a candy cane.  One child even said I was a big Cat in the Hat hat!  Next year, I will pick a costume closer to their time,

November is month packed with things; Elections, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.  First up is the elections.  At our school we are having a Book Election.  I am having the students make posters supporting their favorite book candidate.  Here is the poster template I am using.  I may also have the students make commercials with iMovie using the new trailers.

I am also setting my student's personalized reading goal.  If you didn't have a chance before, grab this packet FREE to at my TpT store.  I just added a Reading Certificate of Achievement to the packet. 

 My students liked setting their goals so much I went ahead and made personalized reading goal sheets and logs for the year.  You can pick these up here.

Here's hoping the kids didn't eat candy for breakfast!

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