Sunday, October 7, 2012

Woo Hoo! Yay Me!

I am super excited to have 2 pretty cool things happen to me and my fairly new blog.  I hope this will help me reach new people.  I love what I do and enjoy sharing and connecting with others.  This has me so excited to create and share even more!

First, Saturday I received the invitation to be a blogger for Classroom Freebies Too!  If you aren't a frequent reader of Classroom Freebies and Classroom Freebies Too, you don't know what you are missing!  Classroom Freebies is an amazing site where some of the best teacher bloggers share their fantastic freebies!  There were too many freebies for one site, so Charity Preston created another site for even more freebies and teacher bloggers... Classroom Freebies Too!  I will now be featured on Classroom Freebies Too on a regular basis.  I can not wait to make my first post and share a super freebie!  What should I make and share???  Check back to see soon!
Classroom Freebies Too

On Sunday, I woke up and checked my emails and one of my favorite weekly newsletters was in my inbox.  I enjoyed reading the Teachers Pay Teachers weekly newsletter and 10 FREE downloads.  (If you don't subscribe, you should!)  I got a fun teacher tip to use in class this week and became inspired reading the success stories form teachers selling on Teachers Pay Teachers just like me.  The I scrolled through the 10 FREE downloads and saw one of my units!!!!  My October Character Traits Book Report packet was featured.  Yipee!!  In just a few hours it has had over 3,000 downloads and I have received some great reviews and have several new shop followers.

This has all given me the host in motivation I need to really work on my blog and products!  I am going to work hard to share my ideas on a more consistent basis.  I think it will help moving from my comfortable couch in front of the TV while I play on the computer to a real desk in a properly seated position.

I have so much to do with school, family and blogging how do I get it all done.  What works for you and your "To Do" list?  I have tried writing a list, putting it on my computer, my phone calendar and even the Cozi website.  What do you do (and does it work)???

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