Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Holidays and a Gingerbread Freebie!

WOW have I been busy, as I am sure you have too.  My oldest daughter and I just returned from Disney World with her Pop Warner cheer team national competition.  They were took home 5th place in the nation!  (They also took away two of my important holiday prep weekends with regionals and nationals.)  This is why I have been absent in blog land for a little while.  Now I am playing catch up! As I am writing this post I am sad to say my house doesn't have one decoration up, and for me that is surprising. 

Here is a cute Gingerbread Fact Family freebie!  Download it here.

I am excited that my class is finally getting this, I think!  It amazes me how every class is so different.  Last year my class had fact families down very early in the year, this class not so much.  I guess it is just my year.

We are getting ready for some pretty cool things at school this week!  Each of our 9 first grade classrooms has adopted a country for the holiday.  We have decorated our hall with information on how this country celebrates the holiday, the flag of the country and a map to show the location.  Next weeks we will tour the hallway with our classes as we learn all about holidays around the world.  I will be taking pictures and sharing with you all.

Hope you are further ahead with everything than me!


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