Saturday, January 5, 2013

Read to Self Book Recommendation Freebie

The weekend is half over and I have not quite accomplished all I planned.  My plan was to work all weekend on blogging and creating new things for class.  I keep losing focus and find myself lost in all of the fabulous blogs online.  They are quite addictive.  I think I need to turn off my WiFi when I work.  I am proud of myself for taking a break to exercise today (yay me!)  I also feel better realizing that everything I am working on I will be using in my class too.  Since I am making it anyway, no reason not to share!  

Here is a student book recommendation forma I made for my students to use at the "Read to Self" Super 6 center.  Once students finish reading a book they can complete this little form to recommend it to a friend they think will like it.  They will fill out the front and write a little summary, story map or draw a picture from the book.  Then they can put it in their friends book box.  While working with classmates in Book Club, students get to know their friends interest.  They are having fun writing a note to a friend, but really are practicing important skills.  Click here to grab yours if you like.

The Super 6 is an essential part of my classroom day.  The kids love it and don't realize how hard they are working and I can truly differentiate.  The Super 6 are daily differentiated learning centers that incorporate reading, writing, science, math, and technology. It is perfect for all elementary grades, especially grades K-2. Students rotate through 6 stations daily (sometimes 3 per day) with a customized rotation schedule. The teacher "pushes in" to a center and has the opportunity to work with every student everyday, not just the struggling students. I think I have tried every center method under the sun. The Super 6 combines the best from all of them and what works for me. The Super 6 consist of S.T.E.M, Literacy Plugged In (Listen to Reading), Write On..., Read to Self, Word Work and Book Club (Buddy Reading). More information and all you need to implement the Super 6 is in this pack.  It is in my TpT store here.  (Super Frog Theme or Super Kids Theme)
OK back to work now, hopefully I will stay focused and not go off on any other tangents...

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  1. Thanks for the freebie!


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