Sunday, February 3, 2013

100th Day Pics & a Freebie!

I survived the 100th day and we had a lot of fun at school on this day.  Here are a few pictures from our very busy day.

We started the morning with a special snack.  (I apologize for the picture you have to turn your head to see.)  

 The students (at least a few of them) came to school dressed as if they were 100 years old!
 One of our Super 6 Centers was building with 100 cups.  This is always one of their favorite activities.
 We put together 100 piece puzzles.
The students wrote about what they would buy if they had $100.  If only you could really buy a new car for $100!

What was your classes favorite 100th day activity or what are you planning?

A lovely FREEBIE for you!  Numbers I Know by Heart Flashcards Games.  These flashcards are designed to help students recognize numbers quickly, without counting.  The cards include numerals and 10 frames for numbers 1-20.  I have also included directions for several flashcard games we play in class.

I also have just added a digital flashcards version of these along with a 10 frames work mat.  There are two versions of the digital flashcards PowerPoint (manual and automatic advance).  Click here for TpT or TN store.

Looking for some other great freebies?  Make sure to check out Classroom Freebies!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun on your 100th day! Thanks for the great freebie! It will be perfect to use in the classroom!


  2. Hi! I found you on Manic Monday! I am your newest follower! You have a cute blog! Thank you for the freebie! This will be great to add to my math centers!


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