Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Funtastic February

February is such a fun filled month with so much to cover.  A little while ago I started a Funtastic February Linky.  I have had so much fun finding and meeting other people this way.  I have also found some great ideas.  If you haven't checked it out lately, check it out!
Funtastic February

Have you linked up a blog post already but have another great one?  Link up again!  Here is my latest February Fun.

A Fabulous February Feature
My students love these beginning book reports.  The best part is that they are completely ready to go home and they are perfect for K-2 kids to complete.  They can do the work on their own and they don't turn into expensive parent projects.  This months project is a Famous American Biography report.  You can pick it up at my TpT store or Teacher's Notebook store.

A Fantastic February Freebie
Here is a fantastic Sweetheart Math activity.  Click here to grab it and pick up some Sweethearts to enjoy this activity with your little sweethearts!

and A Funny
  My funny today is a very corny joke, a little bathroom humor for you!  What did one John say to the other?  "Are you OK?  You look flushed."


  1. Love the Sweethearts Math freebie! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm a mom of a kid whose teacher uses your products. Maybe it's just me, but they seem like 3-4 grade projects, not K-2! Or maybe it's because half the work is actually for the parents. I mean, really, do you think that a kindergartner can make a PowerPoint presentation?
    I'm all for parent involvement, but I have other kids, and I'm a single mom, so I have a hard time wanting more work for ME.

  3. Hi SoozE, I'm sorry you feel that way. I give several options for the projects so that each kid can pick one that works for them. Some kids (even Kindergarten) are great with computers and prefer the PowerPoint option, others are artistic and may choose to create an item or draw it. I also try to make them not very costly. As a teacher I also don't expect them to be perfect, I really want them to be kid done. As a parent too, it is hard for me not to help too much and let them turn in something not perfect.


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