Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Lollipop Tree

Do you have a lollipop tree?  My dear hubby made these very cute lollipop trees for me (and 3 of my teacher friends)!  

This is my twist on the compliment jars.  I use it as a class incentive.  When the entire class receives a compliment from someone else or from me they earn a lollipop.  If the class is doing something inappropriate, I take a lollipop from the tree.  When we earn one lollipop for each student, we have a lollipop party!  In case you are wondering, a lollipop party is simply everyone gets to enjoy a lollipop during a fun story or short video. 

This class incentive works great!  I usually use dum-dum lollipops and try to have the class earn parties frequently.  It is amazing how quickly the class gets back on track when I simply remove one lollipop.  The key is to reward them pretty frequently, especially at first.  

I hate to admit this, but I have been very lax about using the terrific tool recently and I am sad to say my class behavior is quickly sliding down hill.  I am going to reward, reward, reward tomorrow and hope we can get back on track!

This is like so many of the great ideas, they only work when you use them and are consistent!  I find myself juggling so many things and unfortunately some things drop.  So tomorrow I am picking it back up.


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