Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tech Tip and Happy Birthday George Washington!

Happy Friday!  I was making this George Washington writing graphic organizer and writing paper to use with my class and thought I would share a tip with you too.  

Did you ever wonder how to get an exact color match of a graphic you have?  
I always want my text or background colors to match exactly.  On the picture above, I want the background color to match the jacket color.  Well there is a super easy way (with mac) to do this.

When formatting the color of an object, select the More Colors... option at the bottom of the color selection drawer.

 When it comes up select the crayon box.  Then click on the magnifying glass and your cursor will turn into a magnifying class.  Hover over the color on your document you are trying to match with this magnifying glass and click it.  The color will appear in the selection rectangle, and then click OK.  It is really that easy, a perfect match!

Now in honor of my favorite day Friday and Old George's Birthday, here is a freebie for you.  Click here to grab this graphic organizer and writing paper.


  1. That was such a fabulous tip! You just saved me a lot of time! :o) Great freebie too! Thanks
    Kindergarten Faith

  2. Great tip! Thanks for sharing. I need all the computer tips and tricks I can get :)
    Granny Goes to School


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