Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Random Things Thursday

I made these adorable truffla tree cupcakes last year.  They were so easy!  The trees are pretzel sticks and the bottom half of bunny "Peeps".  (It was actually the first photo I ever pinned.)  Now if I can think of what to do with all of the bunny peep heads!

Speaking of bunnies...  Would you like some bunny poop?  My kids love bunny poop!!!  (a.k.a. colored mini-marshmallows)  I use them as a quick little treat for positive reinforcement.  I know food treats are frowned upon, but I only give them one and it is mostly air right!  I like using mini-marshmallows as treats because they eat them quickly.  They don't have to get up to put a token away or have anything to hold and play with.

A quick freebie for you!  I have been sending home weekly fluency practice for students.  I find fluency passage from various places.  This is a topper I use when I copy the fluency passages.  It has directions for parents and a place to record the time and errors over 4 days.  The students like racing against their times and seeing their reading improve.  Click here to grab your copy.


  1. Love the fluency topper. Thanks so much!!! It's a great idea that is just simple enough for me to use with students for homework, and yet packs a powerful punch!

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable! You can always use the bunny heads for 'smores. Thanks for the cute cupcake idea.

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