Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Great Reading Incentive Program

This year I have had a hard time finding a way to motivate my students to read.  We use Reading Counts at our school.  So when the students are able to read and answer reading comprehension questions independently I like for students to use this program and track them by points earned.  Some students aren't quite ready for Reading Counts, so I track them by their books read.  I have tried several things in classroom and nothing was working!  Pizza parties, ice cream, stickers on charts, other special privileges and nada!  In the past, my classes normally win or place in the top 3 with school wide reading contests and this year we aren't even meeting our minimum goals.

I had a sweet boy transfer in to my class a few weeks ago.  I noticed he was wearing this necklace with tags to school everyday.   One day I asked him to tell me about this necklace he was so proud of.  He showed me all of the book charms he earned from reading this year.  He even had little feet from walking/running.  The other students in my class loved it and wanted their own.  I went online to find out more about this great incentive.  What I found was amazing!  Click here to check out Fitness Finders.
I was so excited with all of the shape reward charms they offered.   I really like the variety and that students can collect them on their chains.  The children will never grow tired of the same old reward;  they continue to work towards a new color, different shape or growing their collection.  They are tangible rewards, not food or a silly certificates. 

While looking through the catalog, I found the perfect fir for my needs!  The I Love to Read! program.  It comes with everything I needed to get started.

The package includes Teacher's Tips, Reading Roster, BW the Bookworm Pattern, BW the Bookworm Book Marks, 100 Bookkeeper Cards, 100 Book Charms.  I also ordered the 24" chains for the students as well.  I was even more surprised at the price, it is totally affordable (even on a teacher's salary!)  The entire kit and chains for the students was less than $20.  (That is cheaper than a pizza or an ice cream party for the class!)

The kit is all inclusive and so easy to implement!  I literally got it in the mail one afternoon and introduced it into the class the next day.    The results I am getting from this program are truly astounding!  I use the program in conjunction with our school's Reading Counts program.  I have differentiated the program, some students color a bookworm for each book read, some color a worm for every 15 minutes read and the majority of students color a bookworm for each Reading Counts point they earn.  (They earn points by reading a book and taking a reading comprehension quiz on the computer.) 

Before introducing this fabulous reading program, my class had a total of 13 Reading Counts points for the entire month!  During first 2 days of the program my students had (Drum roll please...) 30 points, and after 4 days 63 points!  There is so much excitement about reading in my room and it is growing every day!

I have tried so many other things to encourage my kids to read, and this program by far is the best and easiest program I have found.  I love I Love to Read!  I will continue to keep you posted on how the program is helping my readers excel!

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  1. Wow! What a great resource. Thanks for sharing. I may have to get this for next year. I would love to start out the year with this.

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies


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