Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday

Woo Hoo!  It is Friday!!!  (I am doing the happy dance at this very moment!)  It isn't even a work week and I am still super excited for Friday!  Here is why...

1.  My House is Getting Cleaned!
The best part is, I'm not the one doing it!  I have finally broken down and am paying someone to come in and do a deep clean and then to clean it every other week.  I am horrible at cleaning and my house shows it.  I remember as a child my mom had someone clean the house, but we use to always have to clean it up first.  (i.e. just pick up our stuff)  I can remember complaining every time "why do I have to clean for the cleaning lady to come, that is so dumb!"  Well guess what my kids are doing right now!  I can not wait to come home to a clean house!

2.  Girls Get-a-way!
I am leaving tonight for a one-night get-a-way with one of my best girlfriends.  I so need this break, I just wish it was longer.  We are going over to Florida's west cost for a meet and greet with one of my friends favorite adult authors, Karen Moning.  I just wish it was for more than one night!  Now if only my husband and kids can keep the clean house clean for a night so I can see it...

3.  A Supermoon!

This weekend is a supermoon!  It will be the closest to Earth Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  I am going down to the beach to see it rise.  My Mom and sister will be visiting too and I think they will enjoy it as well.  We are picking up dinner and taking it down to eat while we watch the moon rise.  I am not much on seeing the sunrise, way to early for me, but all about the moonrise!

4.  Still loving my office!

I am still loving working at my new space!  Even more unbelievable is that it is still neat and organized.  I have also been much more productive as well.

5.  Revenge

This show is having a serious impact on my productivity!  (It is like they days when I discovered Downtown Abbey.)  I had seen maybe one random show in the past.  I started back with episode 1 on Netflix.  I love it!  There are no commercials and I don't have to wait a week for the next show.  This can be very bad.  I try to work a little while I am watching it.  My hubby thinks I am crazy when I crawl in bed with my iPad and earbuds...  It use to be reading or CandyCrush, now it is Revenge.  I have traded one time waster/ addiction for another.  My guess is this will last until I finish the rest of season 1 and all of season 2.  I need to make myself ride the stationary bike while I watch it.

Now another time waster I enjoy to is learning more about all of my blogging buddies from their Friday Five.

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