Sunday, June 16, 2013

What a Mess and New Space!

I can't believe they last time I blogged was 15 days ago!  It has been crazy and I have several huge messes!  The first mess I had to tackle was moving my classroom.  This took forever!  My two wonderful girls helped so much by taking the loads down to my new room.  However, they pretty much just dumped it in the middle of my new classroom. I finally managed to get everything moved to my new room and then I had this huge mess to deal with!

In the middle of this entire process, we had to go meet family visiting in Orlando for 5 days.  So after getting back from Orlando this is what I came back to.  I had to push everything to the sides and put it away so the floors could be cleaned this summer.  This took another 2 days.  During this process I stacked all of my empty containers in one area of the room.  By doing this, I discovered that not only do I have a problem with too much stuff I also have a problem with too many containers!  I did manage to get it ready for cleaning and now I have to wait until August before I can get back in.  I hate that I can't get in to work in my room this summer.  I guess it does force me to take a break.  Can you work in your room over the summer?

Unfortunately, my classroom wasn't the only mess I have to deal with.  I have been neglecting my house with the end of school craziness!  In the past few months, I have been working on my laptop and blogging while sitting on my comfy couch.  I am much more productive when sitting at  desk.  I needed an office space of my own.  I have the perfect spot if I could just get to it! 

I used to stamp and scrapbook quite a bit and my wonderful hubby made turned a closet in to a work area for me.  I don't have time to craft much anymore and the clutter had taken over my space.  So I started on my first declutter project of the summer!

I am so happy as I type this post in my new space!  I did it all myself, including re-surfacing my desktop with peel and stick wood flooring.  It was also cheap, I did it all for less than $70.  I can not wait to create in my fab new space!
As I finish this post at midnight, I just want to wish you a Happy Father's Day!  I hope you enjoy and celebrate all of those special Dad's in your life!


  1. Oh my goodness, the work area out of the closet is GENIUS! LOVE your new space. I just know I could be productive in an area like that. Sorry about your classroom, though.. we can't get into school all summer either. The custodian is gonna let me sneak in on Monday for like 20 minutes to grab some stuff and go. I'm so jealous of people who can work in their rooms all summer!!

    Kelly :)
    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Wow, I love your workspace closet, that is the coolest idea!! :)

    Fashion Craze Learning Days


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