Saturday, July 20, 2013

QR Codes with Audio

My mind is spinning with ideas for the new year.  (I can't seem to turn it off!  It is my birthday, and I'm still thinking and working on school stuff.  I admit I have problems!) 

I know about QR codes and have used them a little in the past.  Mainly for parents to access various things.  I haven't really utilized them with my kids.  I have all kinds of ideas of ways to use them next year.  I don't just want the kids to scan them, I want them to create them and use them to enhance their learning.  This is tougher when you are working with firsties.  I really enjoy teaching these guys and integrating technology.  Things you would never thing they could do and pick up so quickly. 

Everyone knows you can link a website or video with a QR code.  Did you know you can also link audio?  Think of the possibilities!  First, I thought of many ways I could create audio QR codes to help students.  I could record myself reading the directions or questions for centers.  This would help them to work independently.

I got even more excited when I found this great website !  It was so easy to record audio and generate a QR code; even  5 year old could do it!  I put these directions together and thought I would share, click here to get them free.

So this is what I am planning!  Imagine walking through the school halls and looking at student work.  Then you see a QR code by it, you scan it and hear the student explaining or expanding their work.  Think how much this would add to projects!  Students could do a research project, record themselves sharing what the learned.  Then students could scan and listen, learning from their classmates.  This is the ultimate way to easily incorporate the Common Core's speaking and listening standards.

So as my birthday present to you, I am sharing this info with you all.  I hope you are as excited about all of the possibilities as I am.  How will you use QR codes next year?  Please share in the comments!


  1. Hi! I stopped by from the Classroom Freebies link-up! I totally pinned your audio QR codes - this is great for my special ed students!! Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful directions poster for Vocaroo! I found Vocaroo last year when I wanted my kids to record narrative stories they wrote. It was an amazing success. Here is my blog post about that project and I'll see if I can figure out how to link up your post with your great graphic.

  3. I super love this!! Your post give me ideas, knowledge, and a strategy to engage the kids! Love especially the idea of the students/parents/administrators being able to scan and hear the students' thinking. I work with 3rd graders so this is definitely a must! Thank you!


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