Friday, July 26, 2013

Reading Focus Wall

School is coming quickly and I am beginning to stress more and more as I try to get a grasp on a new reading and math curriculum for this year.  We are going to McGraw-Hill Wonders for reading and Go Math for Math.

I made major progress with the reading series this week.  I have a focus wall in my room (mainly to keep me on focus...) for reading.  Normally I do this on one section of my board, but it takes up so much room valuable space.  It also takes time (usually Monday morning rushing) to write all of this information each week.  So with my new series (Wonders Grade 1), I decided to make focus wall posters for each week with the focus skills, words of the week and CCSS.  I have finished all of the weeks to accompany Wonders 1st Grade, Unit 1 Focus Wall and have them in my store.  You can click here to preview it with Unit 1 Week 1 Focus Wall freebie. 

So to solve my space problem I thought of this.  

It was so easy to make with 7 page protectors and clear packaging tape.  Just tape the page protectors together and it is ready to hang up.  I used a wooden stick to help support the top and keep it flat.  You can print the pages on any colored paper.  (Colored paper is way cheaper than colored ink!)  This focus wall will not take up nearly as much space as I have used in years pass.  

I also included in a sheet to send home with parents or put in the student binders with all of the words and skills for the entire unit.  This way I am not sending home a sheet a week, once every size weeks is so much easier.  

I am finishing up the remaining units for first grade.  However, I am trying hard to relish my last days of summer.  (Although it is hard with all that is on my mind.)


  1. A new reading AND math series adoption at the same time?! Crazy. Ours are staggered 3yrs apart. I'm nervous about the new reading series this year. It did come with Focus Wall posters...but they're huge. This is a space saving alternative.

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  2. Great resources! I invite you to share on my Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to McGraw Hill Reading Wonders resources:


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