Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today's Great Dollar Finds

I have to admit I really don't need anything for my classroom, but I can't seem to help myself.  The trunk of my car is full of things for my classroom.  I can't get in to bring them into my classroom yet and heavens knows I don't want to bring them in my house for hubby to see.  So I just keep adding to my stash.

Today I ran into Dollar General to grab a few things quickly.  (It is so much easier than those huge stores sometimes.)  I found some amazing things!  Even better they were only a dollar!  Check them out!
 All of these classroom decoration items from Art Skills were only a dollar each!  I like that they can easily be incorporated into many different themes.  The schedule chart is laminated and ready to use.  The super cute beehive even comes with cling bees ready to label and use.  The color words are great too!
 I love, love, love these Make Your Own Scratch Off Coupons!  You write the prize, then put the scratch off sticker over it.  I think the kids will love these!
 This little guy is so cute.  I am adding him to my calendar wall!
The dry erase board is great, it includes writing lines and a picture or "show your work" box.  It too is only a buck!

Just thought I would share these great finds. 


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