Friday, August 16, 2013

BTS13 and Freebie

Hello and yes I am still alive! I know it has been a while, but I have been pretty much living at school the past two weeks getting ready.  I am happy to say I did it!!!  I managed to unpack, set up my new room with a fun new theme (that I had to create everything for), attend numerous trainings/ meetings and be ready for "Meet Your Teacher" today.  To do all of this took so much time, but today was all worth it!!  My Lego Learners classroom theme turned out fantastic.  I will post pictures soon, and all of the things I made for it are in my TpT store.

I am relieved to have made it through "meet your teacher", but now to get ready for the first day of school!  I am so excited for the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Sale this weekend!  There are so many fabulous and finished projects I can get on sale and save time!  There may be something I could make in a few hours or I could buy it for $4?  Well hello!!!  My time is so much more valuable, especially this few weeks.  Time to purchase my wishlist and  save time!  If I'm lucky I will make it to the beach Sunday!  Make sure you enter the code BTS13 at checkout for 28% off!

I have made a few things the past few weeks that may save you time.  I want something new this year for All About Me, so I am taking my All About Me 3D with a dodecahedron.

We adopted the McGraw-Hill Wonders Reading series this year.  I have made focus wall mini-posters and home information sheets for all of the 1st Grade Units.  You can download week 1 for free.  You can buy them by the unit or as a bundle.  This will save you some serious time!  (I so would have bought this if I could have found it!)  I am also putting together a set of just take home information sheets.

The new creation I have made that I love the most is my Gingerbread Man QR School Scavenger Hunt.  Everything is ready for you, a cute story I wrote to introduce the scavenger hunt and gingerbread man card with clues ready to post around school.  I can not wait to do these with the kids.

The last new product I want to share is the "I Know My Alphabet Phonics Review Book."  This is a book the students will make and I will be able to quickly assess so many things while they make it.  It will also take a bit of time for them to complete and I will be able to meet with all of them while they are working on it.

Here is a freebie for you!  It is a home technology survey and student information form I use.

I am going to link up with Friday Freebies and go to bed early for a change!  Check back tomorrow to find out how I will be reading my new students a bedtime story the night before school starts! 
Freebie Fridays


  1. Thanks for the tech survey! My team was just talking about something like it this week!


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