Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Didn't I Do This Sooner?

Happy Hump Day!  I am at the mid-point of my 2nd week with kids and am loving it!  I have an AMAZING class this year!  I had an Open House last night with a room full of parents.  My luck is continuing with my senior intern who started this week and she is fantastic.

I have been so busy at school, I have been neglecting my blog, but now I'm back and have so many ideas to share!  So here is one of my first "Holy Moly Guacamole" ideas.  It is very simple, but what a difference!  It all started with my personal lamination machine I bought...  I found these little ID sleeves with clips for the laminator.  They were 10 for less than $3 at the Discount Store.  We have collared shirts this year so the clips are perfect!  In the past I write out name tags for everyone the first few days of school.  I also do name tags for subs.  Well I figured these would perfect!

The kids liked them and they look adorable with them all on.  My little Lego Engineers!  It has also been helpful with wheel teachers, my partner teachers and other staff learning their names. Then to make it even better, I wrote their lunch numbers on the back!  (No need for lunch clips or sticks!)  I am so doing this every year!  Just thought I would share!


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