Friday, November 1, 2013

Freebie and a Friday Five

I have to admit I was having mixed feelings about this Friday.  Friday is always my favorite day of the week, but a Friday after Halloween and candy for breakfast????  I have to admit my expectations were not good for a day of testing, but I was pleasantly surprised!  It was a great day!

I am happy to finally have time to sit down to blog! (Yes, I lead a thrilling life that the highlight of my Friday night is blogging!)

I am kinking up at doodlebugs to share my five this Friday.  Then I will head back over to discover a few new blogs and see what is up with a few of my favorites!
We had pumpkin fun!  Unfortunately we can't take a field trip to the pumpkin patch because of budget cuts, so we brought the pumpkin patch to us!  We brought in little pie pumpkins for our first graders and even hay to make it more Fallish!  (Granted is was 86 degrees outside in Florida, we haven't quite made it to Fall yet!)

Then we investigated our little pumpkins.  We measured with links and cubes, weighed them with teddy bears, counted lines and tested to see if they sink or float.  This is one of my favorite days!  We learn so much this day, even without a test!

We decorate out doors every Fall.  This year I stuck with my Lego theme.  Check out my mini-fig maxi-fig.   Today I added a vest and Indian headdress and viola Thanksgiving!  (I take pix next week.)

I found an amazing book this week at our book fair.  It is packed with fun experiments that are so simple and the kids love!  I highly recommend this book if you ever come across it.  

Today we did a few sink or float experiments.  The kids brought in 3 different pieces of candy from their night of trick-or-treating (3 they didn't want to eat).  Then we did an investigation to see if our candy would sink or float.

I have a cute "why I love seeing the world through a first grader's eyes" story.  Today at lunch in the cafeteria a very handsome Marine in his dress blues came in to see a former teacher.  While he was waiting I was chatting with him and the kids were in awe!  Several kids were asking what he was, one boy asked if he was police.  Then this little girl asked "Is he a prince?"...  I loved it, I said no, he is even better, he is a Marine!  Then I told the Marine and it made his day!
I have become addicted to the sparkle backgrounds,  so I tried making my own.  I want to share a sample to what you think.  Click here to download it for free from my TpT store.

Check out TBA's Friday Freebies for more great freebies!
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  1. What a cute story! Love the idea of bringing the pumpkin patch to the classroom. We (my team) weren't going to let budget cuts ruin our fieldtrip to the fruit ranch that we chipped in to cover the cost of the 2nd bus. So glad we did! Will remember your idea in case we aren't able to go next year.

    Teaching with Giggles

  2. Thanks to the fire marshall guy we can't decorate our doors any more. :( Love your Lego guy!

    You Might Be a First Grader….


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