Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Passwords and Usernames Oh My!

I am just getting back from a 5 day camping trip.  We had a great time as always at Disney's Fort Wilderness.  Now I am back and hear my bed calling me, but I wanted to catch up on my blog.  Being unplugged for these past few days were nice, but I am almost as happy to have my computer back as my own bed!

Even after just a few days unplugged, I had problems remembering all of my different passwords and usernames.  It seems every different textbook, resource and website requires a different type of username or password. 

I had the hardest time keeping them straight.  I tried a Rolodex and a small address book.  These were OK, but then I always seemed to not have it with me when I needed it.  Then I tried a new way to keep track of them all (except for the major important ones like banking...),  I started using Excel.  I have a workbook for passwords.  In this work book I have several different worksheets; one for school, personal, business and my kids passwords.  I have one column with a hyperlink to the website, my username and password.  I can then click directly on the hyperlink to go to the website.  Then I can even copy and paste my username or password if it is one of those crazy ones.  Give it a try!

I'm still holding out hope that my Helpful Hints on Hump Day will take off.  Freebies are great, but I really love reading great blog posts with helpful information.  Sometimes the smallest tip or "why didn't I think of that" makes the biggest difference.  So join me and share those little tips!

Link up an join in the fun! Share a helpful hint that has worked for you and let others learn from your success!  Here are the rules so please play along the right way:

1.  Each Wednesday I will have a post with a linky at the bottom for you to link your helpful hint for all the world to see!  It will be open for 1 day only each week.

2.  Please include the "Helpful Hints on Hump Day" graphic in your post and link back to this post.
3.  Your link must be to a blog post. NO STORE LINKS PLEASE!
4.  If you don't have a blog but would like to share a helpful hint, please do so in the comments!
5.  Please visit at least 2 blogs If you find it helpful, please be sure to let them know!  Leave a comment or follow them!  We will share the love, meet some new friends in the process, and learn something new!  Happy Hump Day!

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