Sunday, January 19, 2014

Computer Coding!

Guess what my first graders were doing today?  They were all learning to write computer code!!!  I'm serious, really all of them!!

OK first you may be thinking, "well OK, but I don't know how to code so how can I teach my kids to code?"
Well I don't know how to code either, I am learning with them.

Or maybe you are thinking "Why do they need how to code?"
Just think of all of the doors these skills will open.  It also teaches and improves their problems solving skills.

Or maybe you are like me and thinking "Can 1st graders really do this?"
Yes they can, even better than me!

So go by and try an hour of code and get your class started!

Check out my review by at the blog by clicking here.

Don't forget the Snowball Fight Facebook Freebie going on!

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  1. Do you have iPads for your classroom? If so, you should really check out the Kodable app. It's incredible and even my Kinders love it!! :)

    Happy Teacher Heaven


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