Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shhhh... I'm Giving You the Answers!

Today I set down to give my class directions for the reading comprehension test we were taking.  The students are reading the stories and questions independently now.  I have those students who rush, don't read or just don't try. (You know you have them too!)  I thought I would try something new today.  It was part of the unit reading comprehension test I was giving and it is weighted so much in out county.

I told the the kids "I'm giving you a test (student groans...) but this time I'm giving you all of the answers too!"  Well this got their attention!  I told them "the answers to all of the questions are hidden in the story.  All they have to do is find them!" Then I asked "who can read?"  Every child raised their hand, so I said "well finding the answers should be a piece of cake!"  It worked like magic!!!!  Everyone took their time and really tried!  The scores were great.

In this day and age, every student knows TEACHERS GIVE TESTS (and lots of them!)  However, we seem to forget that teachers give them the answers too!  (Well you know what I mean!)


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