Thursday, February 13, 2014

Friday Five & Freebie

Hello all!  I am writing this on a Thursday because I am not sure I will survive tomorrow!  Seriously!!!  Friday + Valentine's Day + Upcoming 3-Day Weekend + Full Moon = A very large glass of wine!!!!

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday.  Here are my Friday Five! 

We have been learning about George Washington this week.  Today I had the students "show what you know" using Puppet Pals 2.  Their 1 minute movies were great!  Every student made one during centers today.  They selected the George Washington puppet and then told us all about his life in first person.  Several even asked us a questions afterwards.

Monday this week I had another group tour our technology rich first grade class.  This time we a VP from Apple, along with several other "Apple People"!  (OK, this was super cool!  A real Wow, they want to see what I am doing??)  I must say the kids rocked it!  We were doing the Super 6 Centers we normally do.  We had a group of 3 on MacBooks creating Voki's about what they can do to be kind.  Another group was in STEM and using iPads and several computer coding apps.  I had the Book Club group reading and discussing the weekly story with the iPad/Apple TV I have in the room.  In Read 2 Self, they were reading or taking a reading comp test on the computer.  My new student who speaks no english was on Starfall and I was working with him, teaching him how to use the computer.  I did have one group using paper and pencil.  Then my last group was learning about George Washington viewing several short videos on iPods I had found and linked to with a QR code.  Not just any QR code, a QR code made with Legos!!!!!!  I made this and it works!  (Yes, this does prove I am a dork!)

I know it sounds like a 3-ring circus, but it really wasn't.  Every student was 100% engaged, having fun, and learning.  Not only were they learning the basics, but also technology on top of it all. 

I found this great rug at IKEA for $12.  I can't wait to use it with Math.  Hopscotch addition anyone?  Long jump competition and measuring games.  (It isn't Lego, but I still love it!)

I ordered a new friend!  I earned money for my classroom this year from our Fall Festival and hadn't found the right thing to get.  Well, I found it and just ordered it! 
I can not wait to get it in.  I really hope it is as cool as I think it will be.  Our school is focusing on robotics, engineering and computer programming.  I know there are some great new kid friendly robots coming out this Summer too.  I am not like a kid on Christmas waiting for the FedEx guy to deliver my new toy!  Oh how I hope it gets here soon!

Does anyone else have one of these?  How is it?

Now for a Freebie!  Just a quick writing prompt for "My favorite part of Valentine's Day..."  Perfect for the Monday (or Tuesday) back.  Click here to grab it. Don't forget to check out Teaching Blog Addict and their Freebie Friday Offerings!

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  1. Love that rug! It is very cute! I'm a sucker for rugs but never want to spend the money on them cause they are always so expensive! You got a great deal!!!!
    I don't know ANYTHING about that robot thing, but it looks cool and I will have to check it out!
    Have a great weekend!! And enjoy that glass of wine! LOL
    Monahan Monkey Madness


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