Wednesday, February 19, 2014

hAPPy finds

(OK, I know my title capitalization isn't correct… but I thought it was cute!)  I have found two iPad apps lately that I love and thought I would share.

The first is ScreenChomp.
I have used this a few ways in the classroom.  The first was me giving directions for a directed drawing of George Washington.  Here is a link to see it.  (Please ignore my voice.)  The great part is that students can pause the video to catch up if they need to.  I printed a QR code that linked to the video.  Students used an iPad mini to scan the code and then draw.

You can also insert files or pictures in the app and draw on them before or while you are recording.  I plan to have students create projects around one of my favorite Seuss (Theo LeSig) books, "I Wish I Had Duck Feet!"  Students will team up with their 5th grade buddies.  They will take a picture (full body) of the 1st graders outside.  Then the students will draw on the animal trait they wish they had.  After drawing, they will record "I am Johnny and I wish I had _________.  If I had ___________ I could ________________________."

The second app I am loving is Math Slide.  There are several versions of this game.  Some free and others paid.  It is unique because it is multi-player (1-4 players).  I don't know about your class, but my guys need practice playing together.  This game is great math practice and playing a game.  Practice being a gracious winner and looser.  

It was a favorite of the kids in the math center.  They really liked playing with each other using the iPad.  I am going to be on the look out for other apps they can play together.  Any suggestions?


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