Monday, February 3, 2014

Need Suggestions & Manic Monday

I love Monday nights, it means that Monday is almost over!  Why are Mondays so exhausting?  Well one good thing about Mondays is Manic Monday over at Classroom Freebies
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I am sharing this February freebie with you.  It is great for working on describing words.  Click here to grab it free.

Now I am asking for your help and suggestions.  Today I had a new student join our class.  Our new friend is from Haiti and speaks no English.  He is very overwhelmed with everything.  Then starting in a class over half-way through the year.  I am looking for ideas to help my new student.  Please leave any suggestions in comments. 

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  1. I used this with my third graders this week in library to review the thesaurus and synonyms. Thank you! As for your new students, we have several each year and one of the best things our ELL teacher told us was to let the student say silent. Sometimes we feel that the student needs to answer questions right away or we don't want him or her to feel left out so we try to engage them in conversation, but sometimes it's best to just let them not speak and let them absorb. Our ELL students have blossomed and are now some of the chattiest students I have! LOL!


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