Sunday, February 23, 2014

QR Code Task Cards Freebie

Those of you who have been with me for a while know how much I love integrating technology into my classroom.  It makes my life as a etcher easier and more productive, but more importantly the students love it and benefit from it so much!  I know many teachers are hesitant to bring new technology into the classroom because they are not a tech expert.  I am by no means an expert either, but I love learning new things and that is all it takes.  I also enjoy simplifying things to teach others new things (thus why I teach K/1).  I integrate technology in multiple ways everyday in our classroom and my students benefit from it.  My mission now is to help other teachers see how easy it is to do the same.  If I can do it with K/1, then anyone can do it!  Because of this, I am happy to announce a new blog I just launched, (don't worry Fun in K/1 isn't going anywhere.)

So please stop by and check it out!  Keep in mind it is just getting started, so please check back often.  I have also changed the name of my TpT store to Teaching with Technology and Fun.  It's still me and the same great stuff, just a new name and soon to be more products.

Now, on to my QR Task Card Freebie!  My kids love scanning QR codes.  I have tried using these in centers with task cards several ways.  My first attempt, was simply using QR codes for students to scan to check their answer.  Well the students were so excited to scan the code, they would rush their work.  Well now, I have them scan the QR code to get the question.  Then they answer the problem on their recording sheet.  When they complete all of the cards they get to scan another code to check their answers.  This way has worked beautifully!  Give it a try.

The best part is that there is very little printing, paper and ink involved.  However, the students still benefit from the full color questions and images!

What do you need to get started?  
A device capable of scanning a QR code  - (preferably one for each child at the center.)  The app is free, you can use an iPad, iPod and old Smartphone or any tablet with a rear facing camera and QR reader app.  (You can do it with a computer with a web cam at but it is a little more difficult.)  

WiFi -  The codes are linked to a URL with the question as an image.

QR Code Task Cards - Today is your lucky day!  I'm giving you a set for free!  Click here to download my newest set I am using this week.  This set of QR Code Task Cards features Double Digit Addition without Regrouping.  The file includes everything you need: directions, a storage folder, 12 QR Code Task Cards, a student answer form and self checking answer key code.

Don't forget to stop by checkout more freebies at Classroom Freebies Manic Monday! 
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


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