Thursday, March 20, 2014

One of Those Days!

Today was one of those days!  One of those amazing days!!!!!  My day was jam packed all day, but I accomplished so much and the children learned so much.  It was one of those "this is why I teach" days.

My day started off with a before school meeting of my Brick Builders (Lego Club).  We had about 60 kids in attendance and we started learning about robotics!  I quickly introduced them to the Lego robotics and simple machine kits.  They broke up into small 4 people groups and learned through exploration.  This was the first time we have done a project with the club that involved them following building directions.  It was something totally new, and they had no problem figuring it out.  In fact, the biggest problem we faced was learning to work together in cooperative groups.  This is such an important skill, and so hard for kids today to learn. 

We also had a crew filming the students during the learning process and interviewing the students.  I loved hearing what the students had to say about their experiences this year at Brick Builders.  Then I got to tell the students we were going on a field trip to Legoland!!!!  The cheers and smiles on their faces made it all worth every early morning.

My amazing day continued with my class.  The students enjoyed their Super 6 learning centers today.  They were "teched out" and we had a group from Apple and neighboring counties visit to see what the students were doing.  (I really wish I would have taken pics!)  Students were exploring the sky with the "Sky Walker" app.  We were programming our classes new ROMO robot.  On the iPads students were practicing at their differentiated levels with the awesome Front Row FREE math app.  Just a great day.  Every student was fully engaged and challenged. 

On March 1st I challenged my students to earn 100 reading counts points together as a class by March 21st.  I told them if they did we would have a "Frozen" Pizza party.  Well they reached this goal last week, so I added dessert if they could earn 50 more points.  This afternoon we exceeded this goal too!  I just love seeing Firsties turn in to avid readers right before my eyes.

At the end of the day I worked with my enrichment discovery learning group and we finished our life cycle claymation projects.  Just a great day all in all! 

I know tomorrow is going to be even better!  It is the day before Spring Break!!!  WooHoo!!!

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