Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our Lego Houses on Parade!

This year I started a Brick Builders school at our school.  If is open to all students K-6 and meets before school twice a month.  We currently have 70+ members. I was fortunate enough to receive a local grant to purchase massive amounts of Lego bricks.  The club is free of charge to the students, teachers volunteer to supervise.  Each meeting we give the students a challenge and they would together to complete the projects.  This year we have built holiday scenes, vehicles, animals, Seuss creations and houses.

We teamed up with our local Home Builders Association.  Our students worked hard planning, designing and building unique and creative models with Lego bricks.  The Flagler County Home Builders Association was excited to volunteer and team up with the BTES Brick Builders Club.  Local contractors met with the students to discuss the process of planning and building a house.  Students then formed construction companies and started planning.  Before construction could start, plans and a building permit had to be completed and approved.  Over a period of 6 weeks, very original and creative model homes were completed.  Area contractors even joined in the fun snapping bricks together.  In addition to the model homes built at the BTES Brick Builder meetings, students also had the opportunity to enter models they built at home.  The models were judged by members of the HBA and winners selected in a multitude of categories.  All of the student homes are also on display in the Showcase Home of our Flagler County Parade of Homes.

Check out the amazing house our students built!

S.T.E.M. is a huge push in education. Many times we tend to focus on the Science, Technology and Mathematics; leaving out the engineering.  The Brick Builders Club is helping students engineer a better tomorrow one brick at a time! 

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