Monday, April 28, 2014

Things Kids Say!

Days like today remind me why I love teaching the little guys.  You just never know what they will say!  Today I had 3 funnies to keep me smiling on a Monday.

Here is #1

We were discussing our vocabulary words this week and demand was one of them.  "Little Johnny" raises his hand and was excited to tell us what demand means.  He proceeds to tell us that it means you can watch any TV show any time on the demand channel!  They even have movies on the demand channel!  

Here is #2

We were finishing up several Earth Day/ environment papers today.  I had the students turn their paper over and draw a picture of things they can recycle.  One of my favorite students (who happens to be the son of one of my dearest friends) shows me his picture.

He then tells me "I drew a picture of wine bottles!  We put wine bottles in our recycling bin."  I couldn't help it and giggled out loud.  Of course then I sent a text to his mom!

Here is #3

I definitely saved the best for last! We were reading a story and it said "She gasped when she saw the picture."  I asked the class "What does the word "gasped" help us infer about the character and how she is feeling?"

The first student to answer said "It tells us she was surprised."  The "Little Johnny" raises his hand and I call on him.  He says "It means she farted and probably feels better!"  I had to ask him to repeat his answer...  So he repeats it and elaborates by telling me she had gas so she "gassed" or passed gas!  Well then I gasped and had to chuckle!


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