Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Fun and Shopping

Hello!  I know I haven't been blogging regularly lately.  It is Summer and I have been enjoying it.  We have recently returned from a trip out West.  My girls and I flew out to Utah, then drove to Jackson Hole Wyoming and Yellowstone.  It was a beautiful trip, but holy guacamole was it cold!!!!  Not only did we see remaining snow, it actually snowed while we were at Old Faithful.  So my girls first time seeing snow was June 17th!

Now I have a few weeks at home to catch up on a few things and relax a little.  I'm trying to get into a routine mixing summer fun with a little work.  We are also driving up to D.C. later this summer.  It will be our first long car trip.  Let me know if you have any tips or advice of what to see and do on the trip from Florida to D.C. or while we are there.

I've also been doing a little shopping.  Check out what I just ordered.  I am so excited to get it!  It will be perfect for centers.  They are accepting pre-orders now at half off.  Click here if you decide to order one.  (It is my referral code.)


  1. I ordered one, too! I hope they're as great as they look!


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