Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cause and Effect Cookies

I have officially switched from Summer fun and vacation mode to school mode.  I already feel behind and can't shut my mind off.  I still have a week and a 1/2 until school starts for me; 2 1/2 until I meet my kiddos.  However, I have so much to do with planning and a new room to set up!  I keep thinking is has to get easier the more years I do it, but it doesn't.  I am always looking for new things and striving to keep up with change.  On the bright side, it is never boring!

I was out browsing/shopping at the Dollar Tree and found a few things I had to have!  (My daughter who recently helped me move all of my stuff was very adamant that I didn't need anything else!)  But I found a few things, and they were only a dollar!  Well actually, they were 90 cents!  Did you know most Dollar Trees will give teachers a 10% discount!  They don't really advertise it, but most do it.  I figured I will show you a few of my finds over the next few days.  (I should really be working on other things, but have serious computer ADHD and blogging is way more fun than the other items on my to-do list!)

I found these great coordinating shapes.  They are in color, already cut out, on card stock, and only 90 cents!  Way easier than making, printing and cutting!  The pack comes with 12 of each design.

So you may be asking yourself, "what can I do with these?"  Well, I love using "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." to begin teaching cause and effect.  I plan to use these and make a center activity with my class.  We always brainstorm a list of cause and effects.  Then I will pick several from our list (maybe add in a few of my own) and write the causes on the cookies and the effects on the drink.  Then depending on the level of the students, they can simply match them, record their choices or take the cause and effect and write it as a complete sentence.  Cute, simple, cheap and easy!

Speaking of reading strategies, I am also printing and getting my "Good Readers Zoo" ready to go for the new year.  I have each of the reading strategies used in the C.A.F.E. or F.A.C.E. related to a fun animal.  As I introduce our new little critters and their strategies, I add it to my wall.  


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